International Women's Month Collection: Tiffany H.

Meet Tiffany, an avid reader, a beta reader, and an amazing animal lover. We have been great friends since we met. ^-^ 

When I originally asked Tiffany if I could interview her, there didn't seem to be an issue, but during the interview she asked where her interview would be posted. When I told her it would be on my site, she asked for more information. As it turns out Tiffany thought she has a habit of pissing people off for not being feminist enough, but I told her since I am interviewing women of all walks of life I wouldn't just 'lose the interview' after asking women I see as badass, intellectual, and courageous for interviews. 

Tiffany: I think that when you said, "International Women's Day" that women's ideal's that they just hate men and such. And I can't do that. I have four brothers, cousins I was raised with that are like brothers, and a lot of my friends are males. 

The truth in what she said was that I was raised by my Dad, some amazing male friends who were like brothers to me, and as I became an adult I was always closer to men than women at the beginning. Some of my favorite people who raised me into the woman I am are my dad, Tim, E, Favorite Brother (as I'm writing this I'm not sure I have his permission to write his name), Kyler (my favorite cousin), Dad (Papa Chico), Richard (my husband), Eric, and Marshall. 

Kaylyn Gabbert: When we met you were one of my beta readers for one of my many WIPs (Works In Progresses). Though I've been writing for over a decade and published a couple books, I've become incredibly shy about sharing my writing. You were so kind because as it turns out you're an avid reader. If I remember correctly, you beta read a lot?

Tiffany H.: Yes, I do a lot of beta reads/ arc reads. I don't know if they are different from WIPs. But I generally get advanced readerers' copies and help them get hype. 

KG: What's your favorite genre to read?

TH: That changes all the time. I usually read everything. I read thrillers, horror, paranormal, fantasy, ect. The one I'm not a fan of is gushy romance, chicklit. 

KG: I never heard it called chicklit. Sounds like a candy. 

Smut v. chicklit: We discussed the difference between the two

Also discussed: H.D. Carlton (Haunting Adeline, Hunting Adeline) (Cat and Mouse warnings duet) Trigger Warnings: Stalking, Sexual assault (Prequel: Satan's Affair) Short short story

KG: You also have a huge family (I'm counting your pet cats). So let's start with how you're raising your amazing daughter. You are always teaching her to be herself no matter what. Is that how you were raised?

TH: Yes. Obviously, it's hard to watch people give your kid shit for being themselves, but what do you get for telling them no? Right now she's really into art. I don't get it *gestures says she's trying* 

KG: What started your love affair with cats? 

TH: I'm not really sure, but I had snuck a kitten home from my friend's. I was offered a black kitten from her and of course I wanted one. I acted so weird hiding that cat that my family thought I was hiding drugs around the house. 

KG: Last we spoke you had ten cats and were keeping four safe from the elements? How many cats are there now?

TH: I now have eleven. 

KG: I knew you'd keep an element cat. 

Convo about who's King of the cats. Against my Favorite Brother. 

TH: If you factor in the outdoor cats I take care of like about 20. 


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