International Women's Month Collection: Belle H.

Meet my friend and sometimes French tutor Belle. She's a close friend of mine. She's protective, adaptable, and has the best mind. ❤ 

Kaylyn Gabbert: We met through a fan group you got together. You were looking for a moderator, and after you told me what that was I had no problem taking the position. What made you want to make the fan group for the mobile game, Obey Me? And are you happy with the progress the group has made? 

Belle H.: I originally made the group because there wasn't a group for a 18+ at the time. There were so many very strict PG groups. You actually helped with the progress by posting check-ins. 

*talked about who we accept; talked about posts that got more tractions*

KG: We soon became fast friends. Does that happen often for you?

BH: Making friends? 

KG: Making good friends?

BH: No. It's part of having to grow up so fast. It makes it hard to make a strong connection. I meet a lot of people but making real friends is hard for me. 

KG: In one of my books, a couple, in their most tender moments, speaks to one another in French. Where I am studying French, it was nice to be able to ask for your help. Did it feel weird or annoying that I was asking for brief French help? 

BH: No. No. I'm always flattered when people ask me for help. Google is the worst place to go for sentence translations. I'm always happy to help.  

KG: You're now in a program to help others with social service. Did you always see yourself here?

BH: Not quite. It's to be a support worker. No, I did not see myself doing that. As a teenager I wanted to be in the entertainment business. I played instruments and everything. As I got older, I wanted to be a therapist, I don't think I can do it. I'd want to cuddle them. 

KG: What's that [support worker]?

BH: It's basically a person that helps people who are limited and needs help. It could be a senior who needs meds ready, meals ready, an advocate for wheelchair or wheelchair accessible housing. Maybe an autistic teenager needs help with homework, needs speech therapy, time outside, or something. Our goal is to help people get what they need and hopefully help them live independent lives. Our job is to improve the system; any system: help people get the care they need through Person Centred Care. Person Centred Care is less about what the government wants and more about what the patients wants and needs. 

Let's talk about what a cancer patient wants. After the patient learns everything about and says they don't want it then we bring in the family- close family and talk about the patient's goals- where they want to live, if they need therapy, ect. In Canada, if there is money to be made, the hospital will try to make the money. Our goal is to make sure the patient's goals are met to the best of our ability. This is just one example. 

*We also discussed mental health care and medical health care in the U.S.* **

KG: What instruments did you play? Do you still play them?

BH: I used to play piano and drums. I did a little bit of singing back in my day. I don't play them anymore. I might when I get money for a piano. 

Obey Me! Fan page. 18+

** Belle lives in Canada


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