Women's Empowerment Month Collection: Mama Chico

 Mama Chico is now my mother-in-law, but we go way back and she's way more than just that to me. She always has been. Mama Chico is loving, fierce, and the absolute toughest woman I know. I admire her, and I was really excited to do this interview with her. 

Kaylyn Gabbert: I clearly remember what you were like when we met online. You were sweet with enough blend of, 'if you keep up the stupid shit, I'll kick your ass'. Are you like that everyone?

Mama Chico: Yes I am. I feel like everyone needs a push every now and then.

KG: I also remember that every time I came to you vulnerable, even from across the country you were always right there with whatever I needed. Then I heard about you taking in 'Strays'. For those of us who don't know, what are 'Strays'?

MC: Strays are what I call my extra children. As my kids were growing up and bringing home friends I noticed that some of them didn't have a good home life I guess you could say. So I kind of brought them into the fold, so that they knew they had somewhere to go if they needed it. I'm sort of a sanctuary I guess.

KG: What got you into being there for us, 'Strays'?

MC: To be honest I don't know, it was just sort of something that was needed. I never went about it consciously like okay this is something that needs to be done so I'm going to do it it just kind of sort of is there.

KG: I know I'm a grateful Stray, but is everyone grateful to be pulled into the family?

MC: I really hope so.

KG: Did you always plan on having a big family?

MC: LOL yes. I remember back in middle school in a discussion with classmates about how we soar our futures being and I always said I would have a lot of children at that point in time I was planning on ten. 

KG: How do you balance taking care of and helping others and making time for yourself?

MC: LOL. I don't really the only real time I make for myself is reading and even then there's always something to do so I'll read while I'm cooking. I'll read it when I'm in the bathroom or on the train or in the car wherever I can get a moment. I always have a book with me and if not a book on my Kindle.


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