Women's Empowerment Month Collection: Kimmie C.

This is a continuation of March's History Month. As history in the making I interviewed Kimmie last month and wanted to share her interview. For the rest of this month I'll be sharing the interviews every other day that I did last month. 😊 That will take us through the rest of this month.

I got to interview one of my fabulously hilarious and loyal coworkers, Kimmie C. We met back in college and immediately hit it off. She's talented, knows how to research any subject you need help with, and if she's fighting in your corner you are definitely likely to win. Adorably, her son sat in on the interview as soon as he heard the word interview. 

Note: For this interview only, we'll stay on first names and last initials since our last initials look so similar. I don't want readers getting lost. 

Kaylyn Gabbert: Since we went and met at Full Sail University through the Creative Writing for Entertainment program, what drew you to that? 

Kimmie C: What drew me to that is that I wanted my college degree. I wanted to continue with my writing degree. When I went back to college originally in 2000, there was only an English major, not a creative writing major. It also helped with my schedule of work and taking care of my kid. 

Kaylyn G: What kind of writing do you like to do?

Kimmie C: Basically, I like writing young adult fiction. I like supernatural, horror, urban, dark fantasy; mostly anything that involves the supernatural, I'm into it. 

Kaylyn G: Do you like to try writing in different mediums?

Kimmie C: When I first started as a kid, I started writing in script. Then as I got older I switched to writing books.

Kaylyn G: We also work at StrideStar Studios (a game company) together. Did you always see yourself writing for videogames?

Kimmie C: No. Never. I always loved video games. If I don't have time to play a video game, I'd look up the story.

*son agrees in background* 

When people ask how I got into it, I tell people my friend (you) helped get me out of my shell. I knew you wouldn't steer me wrong. 

Kaylyn G: Speaking of working together, sometimes we hear you Momming your son. Have all bosses been cool with your kid at work in a manner of speaking?

Kimmie C: Yeah. They have, because he can't help himself when I'm on work via Zoom or something. He knows how to charm his way with his teachers, my boss, my coworkers, ect. 

As one of her coworkers and hearing him sit patiently on this phone interview I can definitely confirm this. I have known the kid through years just by meetings at work. 


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