Women's Empowerment Month Collection: Meghan C.

 I got to interview Seattle native, Meghan C. She's young, multi-talented, and always full of energy. I say this from personal experience. 

Note: This interview may be a little more unconventional, but I found it to be way more personal. It was absolutely fun, adorable, and educational. Thank you Meghan for the interview and all the fun in between. ^-^ 

Kaylyn Gabbert: When did you first get into the creative world?

Meghan C.: When I was a toddler in preschool. I may have even been younger.

KG: What is your favorite art form to create?

MC: *immediate stammer* Watercolor because it's time consuming, and sometimes a heat gun isn't an option. I also love drawing, cricketing, writing,  bullet journal, and photography. My dad said that, "If you don't nurture the creative side in children, they'll lose it." 

KG: What's cricketing?

MC: Cricketing is an electronic machine that can make vinyl decals for things like cups, cars, walls, and more. It started for things like cutting paper. I have the maker three where I can also cut thin wood, leather, rubber, crack foam, metal, and fabric. 

KG: What's a bullet journal?

MC: Bullet journals are created by Ryder Carol. It's a way of combining to do lists, planners, and rapid note-taking. In its simplest form all you need is a pen and notebook. It's called bullet journaling because it's mostly bullet points. I like the bullet points it gives. I started 2017. It helps me with stress-relief and creativity. It started me in watercolor and more. The video I'm sending you from Elizabeth Turn helped me with themes. There are writers there too. You make it what you need it to be. It helps me track me so much. 

KG: I know you suffer from migraines. How long have you been suffering from them?

MC: My neurologist said that, "People with migraines often are creative or have some sort of creative outlet." Officially diagnosed two and a half years ago, and unofficially back in high school. The ones in high school could have been tension headaches. 

Bullet journal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfRf43JTqY4 

Fave: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SIGrtXYExg 

Second fave: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8hh8dJmrp0 

While we were talking on the phone, we broke out talking about hockey and our love for the Seattle Kraken NHL team since we were both born in Seattle, WA, and she was watching a hockey game in the background. Meghan gently schooled me in how to school me in how to say our home team's name right. She was watching the Calgary Flames versus the Colorado Avalanche. She told me about all things hockey. I enjoyed it since I've always wanted to go to a game, and during collecting and editing all these interviews I was actually able to go to my first hockey game. I even went back and told her about how I got tickets and she wanted to hear all about the game. First, we only talked about the game via messenger and the comments sections via my pics on Facebook. Then when I was checking in with her we were talking and showing off our pucks, and I got to show her my tickets that the staff gave us when our seats were unavailable to us. A little background, my husband won the tickets in a contest and I'm wheelchair bound, so when we found out our seats were down some steps we spoke to the staff who switched our tickets immediately with no problem. Meghan thought that was so cool. 


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