Women's Empowerment Month Collection: Lindsey Reisker

Lindsey Reisker is one of the most inquisitive, creative, new writers I've met recently. I'm working with her more and more. She's way cool, so I definitely had to interview her. 

Kaylyn Gabbert: What got you into writing?

Lindsey Reisker: I really enjoyed creative writing in school. My English teacher would have a topic on the board and the class had to write a story about the topic. We had only thirty minutes to write but my stories could go on forever. My teacher would tell me I needed to end the story in that time period.  But ultimately it was J.K. Rowling who inspired me to write. I still love to this day Harry Potter and his story. That's where my passion for writing truly began.

KG: What inspires you?

LR: Music is a major part of my life that inspires me. It's very rare for me to write in the quiet unless I am focused on writing something with great detail. It also depends on the song or the band. For example, I find listening to the band Skillet very inspirational for writing a fight scene or a character struggling to survive.  

KG: Do you have a good support system for your creative life?

LR: My parents have always told me they will support me in whatever I decide to do. I'm very lucky to have a family like that. My main supporter is my mother. I know I wouldn't be this far into my writing without her.

KG: What are some of your hobbies?

LR: Besides writing, I like to play video games, spend time outdoors and cosplay. 

KG: Are some of your hobbies also creative?

LR: I think there is a lot of creativity in cosplay. I have tried to sew but it never turns out well, so I either buy mine or have someone make it. I like to spend time researching the character, figuring out how they dress, how they act/pose and how they carry themselves. 

KG: I actually currently work for a video game company, so I'm curious what are some of your favorite video games?

LR: My favorite video games are My Time at Portia, Garden Paws, Lego Harry Potter, Spyro and Crash Team Racing. I like Mystery games like Nancy Drew and Sherlock Holmes. I like a wide variety of games but those are the ones at the top of my list right now.

KG: What do you like to do outdoors?

LR: I like to listen to music. Sometimes I enjoy going to Monte Sano (a mountain park in the area where I live) for a nice walk and to get some fresh air.

KG: What are your top three cosplays you've done so far?

LR: I have cosplayed as Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad and I'm still working on getting the rest of her outfit from the movie. I've cosplayed as Tifa Lockhart from final fantasy 7, and I did a post apocalyptic cosplay. 


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